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Answers to our most commonly asked questions about a double proxy marriage.

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What will the entire proxy marriage process cost?

ANSWER - The total cost of performing a double proxy marriage is $750, unless payed in full upfront, then the deposit fee is waived and the total cost is $700. We will address any questions or concerns, facilitate the processing of paperwork, and follow through with the production of your marriage license. And without a middle man, we are able to reduce the total cost and pass that savings on to you.

Can I cancel my order?

ANSWER - Yes. Should you decide to cancel your request, please submit your request in writing. Requests received within 3 days of Step 2 (Submitted order and paid downpayment) will receive a full refund. Requests received within 3-10 days of Step 2 will receive a refund minus a $50 convenience fee.

How long will the entire proxy marriage process take?

ANSWER - Once we have received your completed and notarized paperwork, our local court system can typically process your marriage in as little as two (2) weeks. Many other proxy marriage websites require more time because they are not actually legal service providers and instead work with law firms like ours to facilitate the legal process.

Is a proxy marriage legal? If so, how many U.S. states recognize a proxy marriage?

ANSWER - Yes, proxy marriages are 100% legal and recognized by all 50 states! You can find the legal code at the following link:

My state does not perform proxy marriages. Can I still get one?

ANSWER - Yes. Montana is the only state that performs double proxy marriages so it’s no surprise your state does not. Regardless of your home state, all U.S., active-duty military members are eligible for proxy marriage in the state of Montana.

Do I have to be deployed in order to be eligible for a proxy marriage?

ANSWER - No. As long as you or your future spouse are an active-duty member of the armed forces, you are eligible for a proxy marriage, whether or not that person is currently deployed.

What is the difference between a single and a double proxy marriage?

ANSWER - A single proxy marriage requires that either the bride or the groom appear at the official legal ceremony. A double proxy marriage, available only through the State of Montana, allows for both the bride and groom to be absent from the ceremony.